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What constitutes a plumbing emergency and when to call a professional

An emergency plumbing situation can pose risks to your property, plumbing system, or personal safety, requiring immediate professional intervention.

Common emergencies include burst pipes, gas leaks, blocked drains with sewage backup, and severely blocked toilets.

As a general rule, if there is risk of injury, health hazards, water contamination, gas buildup, or major property damage if action isn’t taken quickly, it qualifies as a major plumbing issue.

DIY repairs are discouraged, as they might exacerbate the issue; instead, rely on our expert professionals. Our expert plumbing professionals have the skills to accurately diagnose and swiftly resolve emergency issues, including hazardous gas scenarios.

Bexley Plumbing’s emergency plumbers are on call for same-day service every day of the week, ready to address catastrophes of any magnitude. We provide a fleet of fully-stocked vehicles manned by your emergency plumber specialists, gas fitters and technicians to handle emergency blocked drains, burst pipes, gas leaks and more, even in the middle of the night for those unforeseen events. You can rely on the punctual, transparent, and very reasonable solutions we provide,

Average emergency plumbing response times for common issues

In a plumbing disaster, a rapid response from an emergency plumber is crucial, particularly in the Hills District, so don’t hesitate to call emergency plumber services to prevent escalation. At Bexley Plumbing, we understand the turmoil and anxiety that a plumbing emergency can cause and aim to have our fully-equipped technicians rectify the issue onsite within:

  • 30 minutes for your burst pipe, loss of your gas hot water system, or sewage overflow.
  • 1 hour for a blocked drain or a gas leak.
  • 90 minutes for issues with water mains, hot water unit malfunctions, broken taps, etc.

We guarantee a swift emergency response, usually within 45 minutes, day or night, every day, prioritising critical situations with our licensed plumbers. Our regular rates are in effect from 7AM to 5PM on weekdays, with higher callout fees for emergency services applying at all times outside these hours, including weekends and public holidays. As emergencies are unpredictable, we remain available around the clock for your peace of mind.

Our experienced Sydney plumbers specialise in quickly diagnosing and fixing critical plumbing issues, ensuring rapid resolution and control. We offer fixed price quotes over the phone to provide clear, transparent pricing, allowing you to understand the costs associated with resolving your plumbing issues.

Factors affecting emergency plumbing repair times

Several key factors can impact the duration of emergency plumbing repairs:

Issue Complexity

Complex issues, such as extensive corrosion or sewer line blockages, generally require more time to diagnose and fix than straightforward leaks or drain clogs. The scale of the repair can take varying amounts of time and will influence timeframes.


If youre looking at a plumbing gas issue in a hard-to-reach spot like under a concrete slab, behind walls, or in cramped ceiling cavities, extra work is required to gain access. This adds time.

Timing of the Call

When service is needed, promptly call your local plumber during business hours for swift attention. Emergency works outside normal working hours incur overtime rates.

Parts/Tools Needed

Delays can also occur if specialty parts or tools must be sourced before repairs can proceed. Our emergency vehicles are equipped with essential tools and parts to enable our plumbers to address problems swiftly, minimising delays.

Boasting over twenty years of expertise, Bexley Plumbing skilfully manages a variety of scenarios, efficiently solving your plumbing needs and keeping clients updated on timelines.

Preventing common plumbing emergencies

Preventive maintenance and early intervention can significantly reduce the chances of unexpected plumbing issues escalating into emergencies.

Regular inspections and servicing

Ensure your plumbing and hot water systems are inspected annually and maintained with services such as pipe cleaning, drain clearing, water heater flushing, leak checks, and gas fitting inspections.

Install protective devices

It is highly advisable to equip systems with devices like pressure relief valves, leak detectors, and backflow preventers as preventive measures. Such devices help automatically detect irregularities in your systems to prevent further issues.

Repair minor issues early

Promptly fix small leaks, leaking taps, and slow drains to avoid a major plumbing problem and save on your water bill.

Know your main shut-off valve location

Ensure the main water supply valve in your home is clearly identified and labelled for quick shut-off during emergencies. Knowing your main shut-off valve helps minimise water damage by allowing you to quickly cut off the water supply during floods or leaks.

Implementing these preventive plumbing practices significantly reduces risks, and our ongoing maintenance plans support this effort. We offer a wide range of maintenance plans at Bexley Plumbing to help avert future catastrophes too.

Why Bexley Plumbing is Sydney’s trusted emergency plumber

Bexley Plumbing is your go-to for dependable 24-hour emergency plumber services when disaster strikes at your Sydney home. Our 24/7 emergency plumbers swiftly tackle urgent issues with a team of fully licensed, well-equipped technicians ready to address any plumbing emergency.

Fast, reliable response

We provide a top-tier emergency plumbing service with an average response time of under 45 minutes, 7 days a week, where our emergency plumber near Sydney will have our vans onsite swiftly at any time of day or night to assess and address emergencies from burst pipes and sewage overflow to gas leaks and storm damage. Our priority is to offer helpful and prompt service to prevent any issues that could severely damage your property or raise safety hazards.

Transparent quotes

We provide transparent upfront cost estimates over the phone when you need to plan your finances in advance with the aid of a plumber near you. Standard rates apply during business hours, with higher fees after hours reflecting overtime compensation. There are never any hidden charges.

Fully licenced team with advanced equipment

Our professional team holds all necessary licences, guaranteeing readiness and prompt response to any emergency. Our emergency vehicles are fully stocked, leading to swift diagnosis and immediate repairs, often resolving plumbing emergencies on the first visit.

With two decades of experience serving Sydney, we possess the expertise to handle plumbing jobs of any size and resolve emergencies promptly. For urgent assistance with burst pipes, gas leaks, blocked drains or other urgent matters, give us call at Bexley Plumbing 24/7 on 1300 349 338.

News & Information

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How Long For Emergency Plumbing Repairs?

Emergency plumbing repairs by Bexley Plumbing take 20 mins to a few hours depending on the job. Call our expert plumbers for same day service and rapid response times.

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Can You Reline A Pipe Multiple Times?

Yes, pipes can be relined more than once if they become damaged again over time. Pipe relining is a long-lasting, permanent repair that coats the inside of pipes with a durable epoxy resin. It strengthens pipes from the inside out. Relining takes just 1 day, avoids excavating, and lasts 50+ years.

Dangers Neglecting Blocked Drains
Dangers of Neglecting Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can cause water damage, breed bacteria causing illness, attract pests and emit foul odors. Call Bexley Plumbing to unblock drains before permanent damage.

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