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Hot Water Brown?
Why is My Hot Water Brown?

Brown or rusty hot water is generally caused by sediment buildup inside your hot water system. Flushing the tank may provide temporary relief but doesn’t fix the underlying issue. Call us to properly diagnose and treat the cause of the discolored hot water.

Smell gas house?
Smell gas in your house? Do this now

If you detect a gas leak by smell inside your home, the first step is: don’t panic. Calmly ventilate by opening doors and windows, exit the house, turn off the gas supply at the meter and call a licensed gas fitter for immediate assistance. Safety first.

smell gas home
What to do if I smell gas at home

If you detect the smell of gas in your home, evacuate everyone immediately. Do not turn any switches or appliances on or off. Open doors and windows to ventilate, then turn off the gas supply at the meter. Call emergency services from outside before re-entering.

Set Gas Cooktop
How To Set Up A Gas Cooktop

This guide covers the complete process for installing a new gas cooktop. It includes steps like preparing the cutout size, connecting the gas supply line, testing for leaks and more. For safe installation, we recommend using a licensed gas fitter.

pipe relining increase property ?
Does pipe relining increase property value?

Pipe relining is a no-dig repair that seals cracks and holes in pipes, preventing leaks and damage. It increases property value by avoiding pipe replacement mess and extends pipe lifespan 50+ years. Contact Bexley Plumbing to learn more about pipe relining benefits for your property.

pipe relining fix misaligned pipes?
Can pipe relining fix misaligned pipes?

Pipe relining is an efficient, no-dig method to repair cracked, misaligned or bowed pipes. As a modern alternative to pipe replacement, relining uses epoxy resins to coat damaged pipes via small access points.

Safely Dispose Hazardous Substances
Safely Dispose Of Hazardous Substances

Some common household chemicals like cleaners, paints and medicines can damage pipes if disposed of improperly. Take them to local drop-off centres for safe disposal instead of pouring down drains. This prevents groundwater pollution and avoids pipe corrosion over time.

Home Gas Line Inspection?
How Often Should You Get A Home Gas Line Inspection?

It’s recommended homeowners schedule professional gas line inspections annually to check for leaks, corrosion and appliance issues. Getting an annual inspection ensures gas systems function properly and eliminates risk.

Baking Soda & Vinegar Clean?
Do Baking Soda & Vinegar Actually Clean?

When baking soda and vinegar react, they produce carbon dioxide bubbles that help lift dirt and grime from surfaces. Vinegar also has disinfecting properties. Together they can be effective cleaners for mild buildup, but stronger cleaners are needed for tough stains.

Soil & Sediment Block Drains?
Does Soil & Sediment Block Drains?

Soil, sand, dust and debris washing into drains during storms can cause blockages. Maintaining drainage systems properly prevents pipe clogging. Contact us to unclog drains or install effective solutions like silt bags and sediment traps.

Home Insurance Cover Blocked Drains?
Does Home Insurance Cover Blocked Drains?

Home insurance policies often cover accidental blocked drain damage resulting in flooding or sewer backups. But wear and tear or gradual damage is usually excluded. Check with your insurer if your policy covers repairs before expensive water damage occurs in your home.

DIY Pipe Relining Hiring Professional Plumber
DIY Pipe Relining vs Hiring a Professional Plumber

DIY pipe relining may seem cheaper but risks improper installation and further pipe damage. Hire guaranteed professional trenchless pipe repair services.

Businesses Gas Fitting
What Businesses Should Know About Gas Fitting

Businesses using gas systems need licensed gas fitters to ensure safety, compliance and efficiency. Professionals handle installation, maintenance and repairs of piping, appliances, regulators and meters. Contact a licensed gas fitter to service your business gas system.

Long Emergency Plumbing Repairs?
How Long For Emergency Plumbing Repairs?

Emergency plumbing repairs by Bexley Plumbing take 20 mins to a few hours depending on the job. Call our expert plumbers for same day service and rapid response times.

Reline Pipe Multiple Times?
Can You Reline A Pipe Multiple Times?

Yes, pipes can be relined more than once if they become damaged again over time. Pipe relining is a long-lasting, permanent repair that coats the inside of pipes with a durable epoxy resin. It strengthens pipes from the inside out. Relining takes just 1 day, avoids excavating, and lasts 50+ years.

Dangers Neglecting Blocked Drains
Dangers of Neglecting Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can cause water damage, breed bacteria causing illness, attract pests and emit foul odors. Call Bexley Plumbing to unblock drains before permanent damage.

Gas Fitting Tools & Equipment
Gas Fitting Tools & Equipment

Gas fitters require specialized tools and equipment to safely install and maintain gas lines. Essentials include pipe wrenches to tighten fittings, tube cutters to size pipe, flaring tools to flare tubing, and hoses to connect cylinders.

plumber stop mould problems?
Can a plumber stop mould problems?

Seeing mould or damp patches in your home? Call in a professional plumber who can find and fix the root cause before mould worsens. Even small leaks left unchecked promote mould growth by allowing dampness to penetrate walls and ceilings.

Dispose Gas Appliances Safely?
How Do I Dispose of Old Gas Appliances Safely?

If you have leftover household gas appliances at home you must dispose of them safely. We offer tips for properly disposing of old gas stoves, heaters, cylinders and more. Safely recycle your outdated appliances or contact us to remove and replace them.

Direct Indirect Water Heating Systems
Direct vs Indirect Water Heating Systems

Direct water heaters heat water directly inside the tank, while indirect systems use an external heat source. Indirect heaters are more efficient but have higher install costs. Compare the pros, cons, operating costs and efficiency.

Role Gas Fitting Kitchen Renovations
The Role of Gas Fitting in Kitchen Renovations

When renovating your kitchen, properly installing and altering gas lines and appliances is crucial. Hire a licensed gas fitter to ensure gas system safety.

Future Advancements Pipe Relining Explained
Future Advancements in Pipe Relining Explained

Pipe relining is an innovative trenchless method to repair pipes without digging. This article explores the future advancements in materials, robotics and other technologies that are making pipe relining even more effective and sustainable.

Fix Cold Water Flow Home
How to Fix Cold Water Flow at Home

If you notice your hot water turns cold quickly or won’t get hot at all, there are several things to check. Look for blown fuses or tripped switches on the water heater, and reset if needed. Ensure pipes are insulated. Inspect heating elements and thermostat. Call a plumber for repairs.

detect issues gas appliances
How to detect issues in gas appliances

Unusual smells, noises or problems with gas appliances can indicate dangerous issues like leaks or carbon monoxide. Don’t delay - ventilate the area, turn off gas supply and call a professional to inspect appliances and pipework for faults.

Emergency Plumber Holiday Plumbing Disasters
Emergency Plumber For Holiday Plumbing Disasters

Holidays are usually busy with guests and festivities. But plumbing disasters like burst pipes or blocked drains can still occur, causing water damage or sanitation issues. Get help from a professional 24/7 emergency plumber to quickly resolve any plumbing emergency during the holidays, day or night.

Pipe relining regulations Sydney
Pipe relining regulations in Sydney

If you need pipe relining in Sydney, it’s important to be aware of council regulations. Our team of professional plumbers can advise on requirements and conduct trenchless drain repairs to the highest standard. Contact us today for more information or a quote on your pipe relining project.

Tankless Water Heaters Good Option?
Are Tankless Water Heaters A Good Option?

Tankless water heaters provide hot water on demand without storing water, making them more efficient. But higher upfront costs and flow rate limitations are cons to weigh up. Our guide looks at the key pros and cons so you can decide if tankless heaters are the right choice.

Gas Leaks Affect Health?
Can Gas Leaks Affect My Health?

Gas leaks release odorless, colorless gases like carbon monoxide into your home. Even small leaks over time negatively impact health causing headaches, dizziness, breathing issues, and flu-like symptoms. Have all gas appliances serviced yearly and call a professional immediately if you suspect a leak.

Plumbing Layout Affect Blocked Drains?
Does Plumbing Layout Affect Blocked Drains?

The plumbing layout directly impacts the likelihood of blocked drains. Certain pipe configurations increase the risk of obstructions and clogs. Call a professional plumber to inspect your drains and pipes. They can identify issues caused by layout and clear any current blockages.

Certifications Pipe Relining Companies?
What Certifications For Pipe Relining Companies?

When choosing a pipe relining company, check they are licensed and certified. Our skilled specialists are trained in trenchless pipe repair methods for guaranteed results. Contact us today!

Plumbing Emergencies Property
How Plumbing Emergencies Lower Property Value

Burst pipes, leaks, and other plumbing emergencies often lead to flooding and water damage in a home. This can weaken walls and flooring, necessitate costly repairs, and greatly reduce your property’s value and appeal to buyers. Act now to prevent plumbing issues.

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